Wednesday, December 13, 2017

DJ ColourZones DiscoVery Vol. 2

make sure you pay attention 
to some of those rare 
library music cuts.

DJ ColourZones DiscoVery Vol. 1

My very first set of 
compilations from 2006.
they include rare grooves, 
library cuts and other 
selections that I am sure 
will keep you interested. 
there are 8 In Total, hopefully 
all posted before Christmas !


Some really nice Disco Choones 
along with some 
much needed Disco Cheese. 
It Works.

DISKUS ELEKTRONIKUS EREKTUS Colourzone/Jimmy Michaels Mixtape

Jimmy Michaels and myself 
kept sending this one 
back and forth on the net 
until it was completed. 
Electronic Music...
don't ask for tracklist 

DJ Colourzone Presents Can You Digg It (A Colourzone Mixtape) 10-2010

The holiday Season is 
upon us once again. 
I will be posting some Mixtapes 
from my private collection. 
This one is from October 2010.
Hope you enjoy them.

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Timeless Fever !!!! Special Expanded Edition

Ultimate compilation only posted
 previously on my personal blog. 
Now available here for 
exclusive IPOD Stuffing !!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Short & Sweet The A & B Sides New Compilation for 2017

(Click To Enlarge)

I originally posted this compilation on our sister blog 'Disco Connection' in November 2012, so as it's it fifth anniversary I thought I would re-upload it for you here on DZR.

All 13 tracks feature A & B sides making up the 26 tracks featured on this compilation.

In 2018 I will be bringing you some new 'Short & Sweet' Compilations so keep this site bookmarked.

Short & Sweet 2 Refreshed for 2017

Another eclectic bunch of 7'' tracks.

Short & Sweet Volume 1 Refreshed for 2017

This is one for the true connoisseur of Disco music.